Barbara is a tireless advocate for education.

She was instrumental in making the Bancroft School project the first in the state to be managed in-house, saving Andover a significant amount of money.

Barbara has earned my support for her unending devotion to both senior citizens and our public schools.

Join me in re-electing Barbara so that we can continue to have a person with such integrity representing us.

Barbara L’Italien is infinitely accessible, intelligent, aware, and capable of digesting large amounts of information on an issue and combining that knowledge with the needs of the population she serves.

She is truly an independent voice.

Barbara worked with the SBA to ensure a new Bancroft School will be built.

Andover is Barbara’s hometown!

Barbara’s family moved here in 1967, and she attended St. Augustine’s School and Andover High School. Barbara feels a strong connection to both the community and people. It is because of that connection that Barbara and her husband chose to raise their family in town.

Top Priorities for Andover

Completing the interchange at Route 93 that will remove traffic off Ballardvale streets and promote economic development.

Working with the School Building Authority and the School Building Committee to replace the Bancroft School with a new building.

Accomplishments for Andover

  • Education Funding – $7,025,871
  • General Aid – $1,511,358
  • Downtown Main Street project
  • Bancroft School construction – actively participates in School Building Authority meetings: advocated for feasibility study and Andover became the first town in MA to do in-house project management which will save money for the town and state
  • I-93 interchange project ($14 million)
  • Beginning the replacement of the route 28 bridge over route 125
  • Main Street/Route 28 upgrades
  • Traffic Signals on route 125
  • Ledge Rd. Landfill Closure
  • Shawsheen River Restoration
  • Worked with local residents and the Inspector General to stop a cell tower on Prospect Road (within 100 feet of neighbors)
  • Priority Development Fund Grant to preserve the affordability restriction on 55 units at Riverway Commons
  • Highway Safety Grant
  • Community Policing Grant
  • Child safety grant
  • Design and construction of sound barriers along the Northbound Side of interstate 93 from route 129 in the town of Wilmington extending north to route 133 in the town of Andover
  • Infrastructure improvements related to pedestrian safety, vehicle access and parking for the proposed Andover Youth Center
  • On-going discussions with MA Highway to relocate the salt storage shed to remove salt from Andover’s watershed


Barbara in Your Community

Barbara with firefighters

Barbara with Andover Firefighters

Barbara School Committee

Barbara being sworn in as a School Committee member