Health Care

Barbara believes all residents should have access to affordable, quality healthcare. While serving as State Representative for the 18th Essex, Barbara made improving healthcare access, while lowering cost, a priority.
Barbara voted for bi-partisan healthcare reform in 2006. Under this plan Massachusetts was able to expand health insurance coverage to over 95% of residents. This landmark legislation gave Massachusetts residents the best access to care of any of the 50 States. In fact, residents of Massachusetts are more likely to have healthcare coverage than anywhere else in the country.
Expanding coverage is an important priority, but so too is reigning the seemingly endless increases in health insurance costs. Barbara worked hard with her fellow legislators of both parties to address concerns regarding cost-containment and supports the bipartisan health-care measure passed by the House in 2012.

Bills Passed in 2009-2010

Small Business Health Care (Chapter 288 of the Acts of 2010)

  • Reduces small business health insurance costs by allowing for group purchasing which will promote job retention and job creation
  • Reduces premium fluctuations in the market and requires insurers to offer affordable health plans
  • Delivers an estimated premium relief of at least 10 percent that small businesses can save and reinvest in their operations and workforce
  • Establishes standardized transparency measures for provider pricing and annual public reporting which will decrease marketplace ambiguity and collect important financial information for ongoing policy discussions about long-term system reform