Backing Barbara: Teachers, Firefighters, Police, Women’s Groups, Environmentalists

Senator L’Italien Racks Up Impressive
Collection of Endorsements

Support coming from groups that advocate for teachers, nurses, law enforcement, firefighters, the environment, women’s rights and workers’ rights

Senator Barbara L’Italien and her team have been working hard to earn your vote in the fast-approaching Nov. 8 election!

Barbara and her volunteers have been knocking on doors and making phone calls to constituents in Andover, Dracut,sieu-endorsement-news Lawrence and Tewksbury, while also attending community events and visiting businesses and nonprofits daily throughout her 2nd Essex and Middlesex District.

At the same time, a number of prominent organizations that advocate for public education, public safety, public health, the environment, women’s’ rights and workers’ rights have come forward to offer their support and endorsement of Senator L’Italien’s re-election campaign.

Take a look at what some of the groups that have gone public with their strong support have to say about her.

State Police Association of Massachusetts

According to the State Police Association’s letter announcing its endorsement of Sen. L’Italien, the decision was based on a review of her public safety and legislative accomplishments.

“Our membership wholeheartedly believes the Commonwealth, generally, and the residents of your district, specifically, will be best served by your re-election,” reads my endorsement letter from Dana Pullman, President of the State Police Association of Massachusetts. “Not only have you advocated for legislation to protect law enforcement personnel, you have strongly supported this organization’s efforts to honor collectively bargained contracts and protect due process rights. With your stated commitment to public safety and experience as a legislator, you are the best candidate for this position. Time and time again, you have shown yourself to be a tireless advocate and willing to listen to all sides and act accordingly.”

The letter notes that the State Police Association recently announced Sen. L’Italien’s endorsement to its more than 2,000 members, who are regular full-time employees with titles of State Police Trooper, State Police Trooper First Class and State Police Sergeant.

Andover Ma Firefighters Local 1658 comes out with strong endorsement for Sen. L’Italien

“Your recent advocacy and effort to protect our retired members is a reminder of how much you care about working class families,” Andover, MA Fire Department firefighter and Treasurer Jameson R.G. Lockhart said in Local 1658’s letter endorsing Barbara for re-election.

“You and your staff have consistently been there for our members and their families day in and day out, and for that we are most grateful,” the statement of support continues. “The time you spent on our School Committee helping our youth and the good work you accomplished as State Representative and (now) Senator are examples of your tireless dedication to community….We truly appreciate your continued interest in public safety and the future of your hometown.”

Massachusetts Teachers Association

Sen. L’Italien is proud to once again have the support of the Massachusetts Teachers Association in her campaign to win re-election to the Second Essex & Middlesex District, representing the great communities of Andover, Dracut, Lawrence and Tewksbury!

“Barbara L’Italien is committed to taking the right course on issues that are crucial to students and educators,” said MTA President Barbara Madeloni. “As a state senator, she is a dedicated advocate for public education at all levels, demonstrating a deep understanding of the ways that strong public schools, excellent public colleges and universities and thriving communities are connected. We can count on Senator L’Italien to continue speaking out for students and public education.”

Environmental League of Massachusetts

Sen. L’Italien is pleased to receive the endorsement of the Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) Action Fund.

With critical issues of energy policy and environmental protection currently being debated in the Legislature, the leadership of the ELM Action Fund believes it is important to return proven environmental champions like Senator L’Italien to the Senate Chamber, the organization said in a release.

The group highlighted Senator L’Italien’s determined work in pushing legislation and state policy to prevent natural gas companies from making ratepayers pay for unneeded and unwanted gas pipelines in Massachusetts.

“Senator L’Italien understands the importance of our state investing in clean energy, sustainable transportation, and parks to help address climate change, create jobs, and build healthier communities,” said ELM Action Fund Political Director Joe O’Brien. “Senator L’Italien is a leader in the fight to prevent Massachusetts ratepayers from footing the bill for unneeded gas pipeline infrastructure.”

Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus

Sen. L’Italien is proud to receive the endorsement of the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus! This important organization was with Barbara when she first ran for the Senate two years ago and it’s great to have their support again.

barbara-endorsement-080916“Barbara L’Italien has shown her commitment to serving her community,” MWPC President Meg Hogan said in a press release announcing the endorsement. “She has advocated tirelessly not only for women, but for the elderly and those with disabilities. We are proud to re-endorse Barbara, and are confident that she will continue to prove herself the best candidate to serve the citizens of the Second Essex and Middlesex District.”


Lawrence Firefighters Union Local 146

Sen. L’Italien is honored to receive the endorsement of Lawrence Firefighters Union Local 146 for her re-election to the Massachusetts Senate 2nd Essex and Middlesex seat!

“The members of the union feel that Ms. L’Italien has a sincere interest in seeing the city move forward,” reads a statement from Lawrence Firefighter Eric Zahn, president of Local 146. “We believe she holds the interest of Public Safety in the highest regard. We believe that she is the best candidate for the position and that she will continue to work tirelessly for her constituents and the entire city’s population.

“We wish Senator L’Italien the best of luck in her upcoming campaign and during the election process,” the statement concludes.


Massachusetts Nurses Association

Sen. L’Italien is honored to receive the endorsement of the Massachusetts Nurses Association for her re-election to the Second Essex and Middlesex District.

“Senator Barbara L’Italien has always been a strong advocate for nurses and their patients”, said MNA President Donna Kelly-Williams. “She is a public official who truly cares about people and is willing to do the hard work necessary to help them. The Massachusetts Nurses Association is proud to endorse Senator L’Italien in her bid for re-election.”


Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists

Sen. L’Italien is pleased to have the support of the Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists (MOSES)! We truly appreciate the endorsement of this group that represents 3,300 dedicated State employees!

MOSES members perform vital work at 29 State agencies and include construction and civil engineers at the Mass. Department of Transportation, environmental engineers at the Department of Environmental Protection, regional planners at the Department of Conservation and Recreation, and wage enforcement inspectors at the Attorney General’s Office.

“It is clear that Senator L’Italien will continue to prioritize many of the issues important to MOSES members if elected — safe work environments, fair wages and benefits, and access to promotional opportunities,” MOSES President Joseph Dorant said in a statement announcing the group’s endorsement of Sen. L’Italien re-election campaign. “It is also clear that you will continue to provide the residents of your district with a strong, passionate voice on Beacon Hill. We look forward to working with you as you advocate for policies that preserve the middle class, protect the hard-working state employee and strengthen organized labor.”