Delivering For the District


Sen. L’Italien with Senate President Stan Rosenberg and other Senators in the Senate Chamber right after the Senate passed the 2016 State Budget.

Sen. L’Italien has delivered big time for her communities in her first term, securing funds for police, fire departments, schools, hospitals and nonprofits that provide services to vulnerable and under-served residents.

Here is a story detailing Sen. L’Italien’s 2016-2017 state budget amendments benefiting her district that were passed by the Legislature

Your Tewksbury Today, July 3, 2016

Here are some highlights by town of Sen. L’Italien’s success in securing funds for her district.

Lawrence: In 2015 and 2016, Sen. L’Italien delivered roughly $2 million to put more police on the street and more than a half million dollars for almost two dozen nonprofits that provide services to vulnerable and under-served residents. The organizations that have benefited from this funding serve veterans, seniors, new immigrants and low-income families, among others, and the funds provided a critical boost to local food pantries, English as a Second Language programs, adult basic education programs, homeless shelters and Latino and Spanish-speaking small businesses – to name just a few.

Andover: Sen. L’Italien in 2015 delivered $200,000 for a technology center study and $35,000 for improvements to the Andover High School Baseball facility. This past summer, she successfully sponsored another state budget amendment that would deliver $100,000 in planning and development funding for Andover’s new mill district.

Tewksbury: Sen. L’Italien has delivered $180,000 for the town’s Fire Department over the past two years, funds for Camp Pohelo and budget language protecting jobs and patient beds at Tewksbury State Hospital.

Dracut: Sen. L’Italien delivered $100,000 this year that town leaders will decide how to share between the town’s police and fire departments.

andover-high-schoolHere’s a 2015 press release from Andover Public Schools press release on the funding Sen. L’Italien delivered to
study a proposal to remake the antiquated high school library into a state-of-the-art technology center.

PRESS RELEASE: Senator L’Italien Secures Funding For Design Study To Transform Andover High School Library into 21st Century Learning Center (pdf)

Among the many nonprofits doing important work in Lawrence that Sen. L’Italien secured funding for this year is the Lawrence Partnership, which provides loans and other assistance to burgeoning small businesses.

Here’s a recent press release on what the Lawrence Partnership is all about and how it plans to use the money provided by Sen. L’Italien’s 2017 state budget amendment.

PRESS RELEASE: Senator L’Italien Secures 50K Allocation for Lawrence Partnership (pdf)


(from L to R) GerryLynn Darcy, VP of Real Estate, Lupoli Co., Derek Mitchell, Executive Director, Lawrence Partnership, Representative Diana Dizoglio, Senator Barbara L’Italien, Anita Worden, CEO, Yaskawa Solectria Solar, Daniel Rivera, Mayor, City of Lawrence