Tewksbury State Hospital: Saving Jobs and Beds

Sen. L’Italien sponsored and successfully delivered an amendment to the past two state budgets to protect patient beds and jobs at Tewksbury State Hospital. The town’s largest employer faced the possibility of losing patient beds and jobs due to Gov. Charlie Baker’s 2016 and 2017 budget proposals.  The Senate amendments ensured that the hospital received enough money to serve the same number of patients this year and next year.

Tewksbury State Hospital serves patients with physical and intellectual disabilities, mental illness and substance tewksbury-state-hospitalabuse issue and houses the only psychiatric unit in the state that treats patients with both psychiatric and medical conditions. More than 80 percent of its patients have been denied admittance elsewhere.

Here are couple news stories about Sen. L’Italien successful efforts on behalf of Tewksbury State Hospital…

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