Barbara L’Italien is excited about the opportunity to represent Lawrence as its next State Senator.

Barbara is the granddaughter of immigrant mill workers from Lawrence and will work hard to enhance public safety, improve the public schools, protect senior citizens, and create new jobs in the city!

Find out why these residents are supporting Barbara!

closer picture of Phyllis Phyllis Tyler

“Barbara has my vote because she works hard to make sure that senior citizens have a voice and a choice in our lives.

“She has led the way in lowering our taxes, keeping us safe, and making prescriptions and medical expenses more affordable.”

Shelly GolanShelly Golan, PTO President

“Barbara is committed to closing the achievement gap and strengthening our public schools.

“I know she won’t forget our children when she returns to Beacon Hill.”

Francisco BreaFrancisco Brea

“I support Barbara because she supports working families.

“She has the experience needed to create jobs and advocate for a fair workplace, and she has a history of standing up for workers to prove it.”

jayriveraJay Rivera, Chairman of Lawrence Democratic City Committee

“I know Barbara, and I know she has what it takes to take the fight to Beacon Hill for children and youth. I support Barbara because she has always worked hard to secure money for cities like Lawrence.

“When she was a State Representative, Barbara committed herself to the security of our children, and I know we can count on her to continue to invest in the future of our community.”

Barbara in Your Community