Letter: L’Italien Best Choice for State Senate

To the editor:

Unlike many people who call the Merrimack Valley home, I did not grow up here. It wasn’t until I was an adult — when I was looking for a place to settle — that I stumbled upon Andover and connected with a place that I was excited to make my home. I fell in love with the people and their seemingly endless commitment to community. I found this culture of service contagious, and it was through volunteering locally that I met Barbara L’Italien.

Volunteering alongside Barbara, I was impressed by the passion she had in making our community a better place to live. It isn’t always easy to find time in one’s schedule to get “involved,” yet Barbara always found a way to give back. Whether it was in her children’s PTOs, at her church, in Boston as our state representative, or locally as a School Committee member, I admire that Barbara has always strived to help move our community forward.

I love living in a community that inspires its residents to step up and get involved. That Barbara embodies this service — all while juggling the responsibilities that come with being a working mother of four — leaves me in awe. Perhaps it is because of women like Barbara that the phrase was coined “if you want something done, ask a busy woman.” That being said, I am eager to see Barbara apply this sense of community and work ethic so that she will get things done as our state senator.

Paulette Grundeen


This letter to the editor was published in the Eagle-Tribune on October 8, 2014