North Andover Council on Aging Grant


BOSTON – Representatives David Torrisi (D-North Andover), and Barbara L’Italien (D-Andover) announced today the North Andover Council on Aging (COA) has received a Formula Grant through the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. The Council advocates for older adult and works to identify and meet their health, economic, social and cultural needs, to encourage maximum independence and to improve their quality of life.

Valued at $24,538, this grant will enable the North Andover Senior Center to support its current employees and defray the mailing costs associated with the monthly newsletter. The caring staff at the North Andover senior center has been central in fostering a sense of community among the town’s elderly population and is crucial to the center’s continued success.

“This grant reflects the Commonwealth’s commitment to Massachusetts seniors and the local agencies that provide them with valuable guidance and services,” Torrisi said. “North Andover’s Council on Aging has proven successful in effectively attending to the various needs of the community’s elderly population and is certainly deserving of the state’s continued financial support.

“The North Andover Senior Center provides a welcoming environment for socialization, education, health monitoring and advocacy. I am pleased that they are receiving this State grant as they have been stretched in a time of state, federal and local budget cutbacks,” remarked L’Italien. “Congratulations and keep up your exemplary service to North Andover.”

Formula Grants are calculated based on a municipality’s population over age 60, multiplied by $5.43. Each COA determines its own priorities for expenditures from a broad range of eligible costs established by Elder Affairs. The FY05 Budget included an additional $600,000 which will provide all COA programs with a funding increase of 10% over last fiscal year.