In June 2009, Barbara joined her colleagues of both parties in the House and Senate in passing sweeping reforms to the state’s transportation system.
These reforms consolidated departments, eliminated redundancies, saved taxpayer money, and did not compromise services.

Bills Passed in 2009-2010

Impaired Driving (Chapter 155 of the Acts of 2010)

  • Prohibits texting while driving
  • Requires vision testing for drivers over the age of seventy-five
  • Bans junior operators from using a cell phone behind the wheel
  • Dictates that applicants for license renewal that are over the age of seventy-five must renew their licenses in person at the RMV
  • Requires all applicants for license or renewal who appear at an RMV branch office to undergo and pass a vision test before receiving their license, regardless of age.
  • Allows health care providers to report to RMV any patient that has a cognitive or functional impairment that is reasonably believed to be capable of affecting the patient’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle
  • Bans operators of school busses and operators of vehicles used in public transportation from using cell phones or hands-free devices
  • Requires RMV to develop and implement a public awareness campaign for drivers across the Commonwealth

Preserve the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals (Chapter 9 of the Acts of 2009)

  • Appeal fault for auto accidents
  • Creates via statute, a motor vehicle surcharge Board of Appeals
  • Ensures that the current Board of Appeals remained an option for any driver to appeal what they believe was a wrongful determination of a surchargeable incident due to an at-fault accident